Data Labeling Workforce: Find the Right Fit


Data processing is a milestone that has been achieved in the technological era, especially for the training of AI and machine learning. When an organization has a massive amount of data, it needs the right data labeling workforce that caters to its needs. When planning to choose the right personnel for the duty, it should have the following information for the decision-making process;


There are 4 different kinds of data labeling workforce. 

Employees within the company (inhouse): A situation where, apart from their normal duties, they take part in the data labeling process.

Outsourced workers: They are also referred to as managed cloud workers. A company can contract data labeling individuals or groups for a short while.

Data labeling companies: Some companies are solely specialized in data labeling activities. An organization can contract them for a specific duty.

Crowdsourcing: The data labeling process can be achieved through mass groups who do it via internet platforms.

When choosing the right data labeling workforce for an organization, the following are key to making the right decision:




Consider the quality of your data processing workforce.

Companies are always experiencing the growth of data quantities exponentially. However, the accuracy and quality of the data with the existing personnel may not be adequately assured. Accuracy in the data labeling normally means how close the data is to the desired outcome for each labeler. The quality of the data means the combined accuracy of the outcome from all the labelers in the company. A company can consider hiring additional data labeling personnel to improve its quality.

An organization must as consider the scale. 

A company may have exponentially growing data quantities. Its existing personnel may not be sufficient for the data labeling process. Therefore, the organization may consider outsourcing to other data labeling firms that can help scale the data labeling process. Normally in an organization, most of the existing personnel may have not been solely employed for the data labeling process. Therefore, when assigned this time-consuming task, they stick to it and undermine their other duties. This can immensely affect the company day-to-day operations. 

The personnel in the company may be inefficient.

Hiring an external experienced data labeling organization for the data labeling process will not only facilitate the speed of the company operations but will also increase the rates of return on investment of the company. Most data labeling companies are efficient, accurate, produce high quality, have high speed, and are dependable. 

The existing workforce in the company might as well be costly when concentrated on the data labeling process. Most of the personnel in an organization might be specialized in different roles that ensure the company operates efficiently. Assigning them additional tasks will mean that they will have to spend extra time in the company. This in effect can attract more cost since they may tend to charge higher on the extra time services. On the other hand, when a specialized group of data labeling is outsourced, due to their years of experience and specialization, they may consider lowering the cost of their services due to their leveraged technology and efficiency. The work may as well be done at an increased speed while retaining the same quality.

For quality assurance

Surety of the final product might still be in question since a given company workforce might not be specialized in data labeling duties. Therefore, an organization may consider sourcing an external, more advanced team to oversee the given work and consider modifying it. The outsourced team can introduce new technology or technique for handling the process more efficiently. This helps to ensure that the final product is at par with the prevailing market demand and meets quality thresholds. 


To conclude, we would recommend that depending on the data quality, scale, efficiency, cost, and quality assurance, outsourcing data labeling tasks is an appropriate decision. At abelling, we take the load off of your data team and fast-track the labeling process. We use the variety of training workforce options you select based on your project needs. You can outsource your data needs to us right now! we will get it done fast and at a low cost while assuring your required quality.


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