Public Infrastructure: Repairing telephone poles in Japan


As part of a larger initiative for automating the maintenance of poles in Japan telephone grid, our client wanted to use computer vision to identify individual poles from their respective number plates.

Year: 2019-2020

Tools used: Supervisely

Challenges we faced: This was a particularly challenging task, mainly due to 3 issues:

1. The number plates on the poles contained a mixture of the Kanji & Hiragana character sets used in Japanese writing leading to added complexity for labellers whilst annotating

2. Well into the project, the client requirements changed and the brief got revised necessitating us to perform multiple iterations on the same data sets.

3. Number of classes per image was very high, making identification per-label very time-consuming for our labellers

Thankfully, our project managers worked closely with the client over the project month-long duration; Thanks to their collaborative efforts we were able to overcome above mentioned challenges and complete the project OTIF (on-time in-full) successfully.

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